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Fluoride portable gravity filter
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Aquacera LP5 Gravity Filter
Aquacera Travel Filter
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AquaVas Gravity Filter

Hand-crafted, white-glazed gravity water filter crock. Holds up to 2 gallons of premium filtered water. 

Aquacera emergency portable water filter

AquaCera Gravity Filters can be used for everyday use and/or when there is an unreliable source of drinking water available. Supplies clean, safe drinking water from any fresh water source imaginable!


$179.00 - $269.00
high capacity lightweight gravity filter

High Capacity, Lightweight, Durable, Portable Water Filter for Everyday drinking water containing fluoride/metals, chlorine/chloramine and various common city water contaminants. 

$129.00 - $227.85
emergency prepardness filter

High Capacity, Lightweight, Durable, Portable Water Filter for Everyday and Emergency Use

$109.00 - $172.00
personal fluoride travel water filter

Ideal for filtering municipally supplied tap water for personal consumption and everyday use. Portable gravity water filter effective against microbiologcial, chlorine, and organic/inorganic contaminated drinking water, including FLUORIDE

Fluoride portable gravity filter

Fluoride reducing Gravity Water Filter with higher contaminant removal capabalities. Ideal for emergency situations or for CITY WATER everyday use where contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine/chloramine, and other common contaminants are increasingly found. 

$195.00 - $308.00
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