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Water Filter Pro was formed in 2007 by a core group of water treatment professionals with a common goal in mind: To introduce the consumer to the most innovative and effective water treatment products on the market today and have it delivered to your door!

At Water Filter Pro, we will have true professionals and specialists answering your phone calls, emails, and/or assisting you through our Live Help service. This is not automatic attendant, but a trusted, professional voice answering your most important questions and concerns.

After extensive research amongst an endless amount of brands, we are proud to market and introduce to you, Aquacera®,  and its’ complete line of residential and commercial based water systems. Whether it for “Whole-house,” “Point-of-use” (POU), or “Emergency,” your needs will be met head on through Aquacera’s innovative and versatile product offering. Aquacera® is “Made to a standard, not a price.” See AquaCera Brochure:

Our endless experience with drinking water systems have allowed us to expanding our product offering to include our very own Colibri Water Filter Systems. Here, as an OEM, we have incorporated our systems to utilize some of the very best cartridges, technologies and certified components in today's market to produce high-flow and high-capacity state of the art systems, at an affordable price. The Colibri brand will replicate it's parent company, Eco Systems Intl., in its mission of offering only Economical, Ecological and Efficient water treatment systems.

Where as, in today’s E-commerce market place, the consumer is bombarded with thousands upon thousands of products, brands and Internet marketers in which to choose amongst. Most of these Web Marketers are simply that, “Marketers”. We, at Water Filter Pro, are proud to be in the water filter industry because we, like you, understand the demand and dire need for consumers to filter their own water. You just simply can not trust or rely upon municipalities, bottled water makers, or private wells to provide you with premium quality water we requisite. We strive to continue to offer you world-class quality, not necessarily the most quantity, while providing you with an eagerness to professionally assist you with your important purchasing decisions.

“This is the PRO way!"

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