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AquaCera Cera Plus 9"

> Gravity Filter Replacements > AquaCera Cera Plus 9"

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This unit fits others such as; Doulton, British Berkefeld, Berkey, Katadyn, ProPur and more!

AquaCera CeraGrav elements all start with the silver impregnated ceramic microfilter. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure inhibits the growth of bacteria giving the ceramics self-sterilizing properties and removes the need for boiling of the filter to remove or kill the impurities within the ceramic pores. The CeraGrav range is then expanded, to add a granular activated coconut shell carbon core for chemical reduction purposes. AquaCera® ceramics do not remove the beneficial minerals from the water, ensuring the filtered water is enjoyable to drink and yet safe from harmful impurities.

CeraGrav Plus specific features:

  • Chlorine reduction >95%
  • Organics reduction >95%
  • 2"x9" candle with 1 1/4" thread mount
  • 0.9 Micron absolute
  • >99.9% Efficiency at 0.2 micron
  • >90% Efficiency at 0.05 micron
  • 100% removal of cysts
  • >99.99% pathogenic bacteria
  • Cleanable for prolonged life
  • Silver-impregnated to prevent bacteria growth
Filter Grade
Slimline Candles
CeraGrav Plus
Filtration Rating Absolute 0.9 micron
Nominal 0.5 to 0.8
Working Pressure Minimum 5 psi (gravity)
Maximum 125 psi
Flow/Drip Rate Each Ceryl Plus 0.6 gallons/hr
Parameters Temperature 32 — 110 (°F)
Filter Life 6 months
Capacity Liters 3785
Gallons 1000
Turbidity Reduction   >99.7%
Pathogenic Organisms E.Coli >99.99%
Cholera >99.99%
Shigella >99.999%
Typhoid >99.999%
Klebsiella >99.999%
Cryptosporidium >99.999%
Giardia >99.999%
Organics Removal Insecticides No Data
Herbicides No Data
Phenols No Data
PAH's No Data
THM's No Data
Inorganics Removal Chlorine >90%
Chloramines >80%
Lead N/A
Arsenic N/A
Nitrate N/A
VOC's >50%


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