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Innovative carbon and ceramic technology block to fit most industry standard filter housings. Filtering chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, metals, VOCs and more!


Doulton Water Filter Candle for Fluoride

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Now: $42.00

Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Water filter Candle. Four stage filter for chemicals, chlorine, lead and bacteria protection for 600 gallons or six months for household of four.

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Now: $46.00

Nitrate candle , Ion exchange resin filter

AquaMetix Chloramine Fluoride

Heavy Metal, Fluoride, Chlorine, Chloramine and More! Recommended as either stand along filter or used in mult-housing systems in conjunction with CeraMetix ceramic candles.

CeraUltra 10 inch water filter replacement candle

CeraUltra 10" Water Filter Replacement Candle for undersink and countertop pressure systems

CeraMetix Fluoride

 CeraMetix reduces or removes the widest range of mircobial, organic, and inorganic contaminants typically found in our water today. This Revolutionary technology is the perfect choice for CITY WATER containing FLUORIDE!

Imperial Cerametix fluoride

Larger (Imperial) version of CeraMetix fluoride/metal reducing technology. Fits standard filter housings including Eco Ultimate.

EF undersink multi-media replacement cartridge

Multi-Media replacement cartridge for EcoFast & Toros2&3 water filter system. High levels of particulate, microbial and chemical reduction.

AquaMetix for EcoFast

AquaMetix Replacement Filter for EF twin systems. Eliminates or reduces cysts, particulate, chlorine, chloramine, Fluoride and metals. Recommended for City Water!

Teros UF filter membrane

Teros Replacement Ultra Fiber Membrane used for removal of virus, bacteria, cysts and colloidal particles. 0.02 Mircon Rating


EF300 Replacent Filter featuring AquaMetix block technology and high capacity filtration.


Arsenic filter candle element for multi-housing water filter systems.

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