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Teros 3S
Teros 3S
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The Teros™3S UF adds a 5 stage FD synthetic fiber block filter to the Teros™2S as a pre-filter to provide a high flow filtration of sediment, chlorine, cyst, lead and scale prevention. What this simply means is that all those figures below are grossly under-valued, as the pre-filtration will enhance the performance and capabilities of the stages in which follows.

The name Teros, deriving from the Greek meaning "Guard," is quite fitting for this Ultra Filtration system, as it guards you against potential microbial, viral, particle and chemical contamination in water. Ultra Filtration is a step above Micro-filtration when it comes to the size of particles and organisms it is able to remove. A system which can reliably remove virus contamination can certainly take care of all the rest of your common contaminants, such as; chlorine, chloramine, sediment, metals, fluoride, organic compounds, disinfectant by-products and more! All systems come with DIY installation kit and Luxury-look filter faucet. Unlike Reverse Osmosis systems, there is no storage tank, no reject water and minerals are left in-tact.


· 99.9999999% Cryptosporidium removal

· 99.9999% E.Coli/Bacteria removal

· 99.999% Virus removal (MS2 bacteriophage test)

· >99% Chloramine reduction

· >99% Chlorine reduction

· >99% Lead reduction

· >99% Herbicides and Pesticides reduction

· >99% Glyphosate reduction

· >98% VOC’s reduction

· >98% Heavy metals reduction

· >92% Nitrates reduction

· >85% Fluoride reduction

Scale Reduction

Flow-rate: 0.5 GPM

Dimensions: 13" (H) x 9"(L) x 6" (D)

  • UF Membrane 18-24 months
  • AquaMetix® candle
    • 3500 gallons/13250 liters—Chlorine
    • 1750 gallons/6600 liters—Chloramines
    • 1150 gallons/4350 liters—Lead
  • FD MultiMedia—1000 gallons/3800 liters

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