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No Scale Conditioner

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Hard water can cause significant problems amongst homeowners and places of business. Limescale depositing is the most apparent and troublesome issue people face when dealing with hardwater. When these minerals deposit on boilers, hot water heaters, washing and dishwashing machines, it can be highly destructive to the appliances and drastically increase the amount of energy required for operation.


This is not your traditional, salt-based/ion-exchange method for softening the water. In fact, the minerals will remain in your water. The FSC conditioner systems uses NoScale®, a revolutionary type of catalytic water conditioning media, which changes the structure of the minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, in the water, without requiring the need for adding salt. By doing so, these minerals become heat resistant and will no longer precipitate and deposit within your plumbing.

NoScale Whole House Conditioner System Benefits:

  • Eliminates Scale and Corrosion- NoScale prevents 99% of limescale formation while reducing previously deposited scale on heating elements and pipes
  • Healthy- NoScale systems do not rob beneficial minerals from the water and replace it with sodium ions.
  • No Maintenance- There are no moving parts within or control valve to operate
  • Easy Installation- Fitted with simple in/out head and comes complete, by-pass vavle with fitting kit
  • Eco Friendly- No backwashing and Regenerating means that you will save hundreds of gallons of water each year. The units do not use electricy and will not discharge salty water into the sewage or septic systems
  • WQA Gold Seal- Certified Media to NSF/ANSI-61 materials safety protocol
  • All the benefits of traditional water softeners but without the slippery, slimy feel. Whiter/softer whites, 50% less soap or detergents
  • 120 day money back guarantee (must furnish qualified water analysis to us prior)

Hydrogen sulfide, oil and grease must be removed prior to installation!

Large residential, commercial and industrial models available with up to 2 in. ports.


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